Puberty Questions from Kids – 101 Questions Kids Really Ask..

Today we will focus on questions from the first two sections from my book, “101 Questions Kids Really Ask… And The Answers They Need To Know“.  Again, remember, this first section is to gently introduce the questions children ask by focusing on ones that will make you smile and help you realize that sometimes a sense of humor is necessary to journey through children’s questions during puberty.

Q:  Is there something you can eat to make sure you have “smart sperm”? I would eat anything, even broccoli, to make sure I don’t have dumb kids.

A: Unfortunately, there are no magical foods to ensure you have smart children. The very best thing you can do is to take really good care of yourself, eat correctly, exercise, get plenty of sleep and respect your body so you can be healthy. Work really hard in school and learn as much as you can so when you are an adult and do have children you can help teach them the things they will need to know to be the best they can be! 

Questions About Puberty:

Q: Why do we need to learn about boys and girls?

A: The reason is because we don’t live in a world with just boys or just girls. In fact, it takes a cell from a male and a cell from a female for us to begin to grow, so it’s important that we learn about both. It’s also important for boys and girls to know about what happens to both boys and girls during puberty so that everyone can be respectful of the changes that are occurring in themselves and others.

Mary Halter - Author and Developer of Healthy Edudynamics, A comprehensive health education program for homes, schools, churches and community organizations.

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