More Puberty Questions from “101 Questions Kids Really Ask…”

MORE questions from my book “101 Questions Kids Really Ask… and The Answers They Need To Know! A Parent Guide Through Puberty.

Here is an example of a  general question about boys:

Q:  What’s inside the testicles?

A: Inside the testicles are something called somniferous tubules. They are tiny coils that if stretched out would be the length of a football field. Inside those coils is where the male sperm are produced – millions and millions every day.

Here is an example of a  general questions about girls:

Q: Why does it hurt when girls get hit in the private area when they don’t have parts outside the body like boys?

A: Even though all of the female reproductive organs are inside the body, the vulva – the outer part of the female in the private area – is still very sensitive. It certainly can be painful if a girl or woman is hit or kicked in any private area of her body, including her breasts. It is important to remember that if you are ever intentionally hit, kicked, or touched in that area in any way that is uncomfortable or embarrassing, it can be considered a sexual assault and it is inappropriate and illegal. (See Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault, page 67)

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