Kids Questions – 101 Questions Kids Really Ask…And The Answers They Need To Know

More questions from my book,  101 Questions Kids Really Ask… and The Answers They Need To Know! A Parent Guide Through Puberty.

Questions about babies:

Q: If the baby is in a sac of water, how does it breathe? Why doesn’t it drown?

A: The baby actually does breathe in that sac of water to help its lungs develop, but it doesn’t drown because it’s getting oxygen from its mom through the umbilical cord. I like to think of the baby as a little “scuba diver” and mom is the baby’s oxygen tank.

Q: Doesn’t it hurt to have a baby?

A: Having a baby can certainly be painful, but there are all sorts of things that can help with the pain. Women can learn some breathing and relaxing techniques that make the process less painful. There are some drugs that doctors can administer so that the woman’s body is numb from the waist down so she doesn’t feel the pain but is still awake to help with the process. Regardless of whether a woman feels pain or not, most women say it’s an easily forgotten pain when they get to finally see their beautiful new baby.

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