Kids Questions – 101 Questions Kids Really Ask…And The Answers They Need To Know

More questions from my book,  101 Questions Kids Really Ask… and The Answers They Need To Know! A Parent Guide Through Puberty. Questions about babies: Q: If the baby is in a sac of water, how does it breathe? Why doesn’t it drown? A: The baby actually does breathe in that sac of water to help [...]

Puberty Questions from Kids – 101 Questions Kids Really Ask..

Today we will focus on questions from the first two sections from my book, “101 Questions Kids Really Ask… And The Answers They Need To Know“.  Again, remember, this first section is to gently introduce the questions children ask by focusing on ones that will make you smile and help you realize that sometimes a sense [...]


Yesterday as I was presenting A Time To Talk to a class of fifth grade boys, I had a young man ask a never-before asked question.  It was a good reminder that kids think very concretely about what they see and process information in interesting ways. During the portion of the DVD presentation in A [...]