This will be the first in a series of posts about “THE TALK”!   TODAY’S TAKE HOME MESSAGE ABOUT “THE TALK”!  Information your child needs and issues you need to discuss are much too complex to cover in “A TALK”.   There is absolutely no way a parent can say everything they need to say or [...]

Sexting & Cell Phones – What’s Going On?

O.K. What’s the deal with cell phones….a blessing or a curse? Obviously, both! We said the same thing about T.V….portable phones…computers…cell phones the size of a brick…the internet…and now cell phones that incorporate it all – cameras, texting, and internet!! One thing is certain…they aren’t going away any time soon and when they do, something [...]

Insurance Company Recognizes Adolescent Brain Development In Advertising Campaign

A recent ad by Allstate stated that “EVEN BRIGHT, MATURE TEENAGERS SOMETIMES DO THINGS THAT ARE ‘STUPID’.”  The ad goes on to say, “that when it happens, it really isn’t their fault because their brain is still developing.” The good news about that is that adolescent brain development does explain the risk-taking behaviors of adolescents [...]