101 QUESTIONS KIDS REALLY ASK…And The Answers They Need To Know!

FINALLY AVAILABLE AND HERE’S WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING….. “As a pediatrician and mother of two I feel this book provides the framework (and often the answers many of us still don’t know!) to initiate, maintain, and foster healthy dialogue between a trusted adult and child about sexuality. I am happy to have a resource in [...]


This will be the first in a series of posts about “THE TALK”!   TODAY’S TAKE HOME MESSAGE ABOUT “THE TALK”!  Information your child needs and issues you need to discuss are much too complex to cover in “A TALK”.   There is absolutely no way a parent can say everything they need to say or [...]


Yesterday as I was presenting A Time To Talk to a class of fifth grade boys, I had a young man ask a never-before asked question.  It was a good reminder that kids think very concretely about what they see and process information in interesting ways. During the portion of the DVD presentation in A [...]