101 QUESTIONS KIDS REALLY ASK…And The Answers They Need To Know!

FINALLY AVAILABLE AND HERE’S WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING….. “As a pediatrician and mother of two I feel this book provides the framework (and often the answers many of us still don’t know!) to initiate, maintain, and foster healthy dialogue between a trusted adult and child about sexuality. I am happy to have a resource in [...]


The question “When should I have ‘The Talk’ with my child?” begins with using accurate language as soon as children begin naming their body parts. The area we identify as “private parts” should also be identified with accurate language just like any other part of the body. Many adults say they have a problem with [...]

The Right Information At The Right Time

A recent article by David Crary –onenewsnow.com – on Monday, January 26, 2009 discussed the future of abstinence-only funding under the Obama and the fact that it is in limbo. The article sites statements from both individuals in favor of Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Abstinence-Only education. Comprehensive sexuality educators believe that comprehensive includes a message [...]

Obama’s Administration Brings HOPE For Adolescent Health Education Changes

January 20, 2009 was a significant day not only in the United States but all over the world. The inauguration of President Obama represents hope and change for many people for many reasons. As I sat in a seminar in Foster City, California, learning more about Google AdWords, I was touched by the conversations I [...]